Rabbask Designs Studio is Now Carrying Awesome in Action Books!

This week, Nick had the pleasure of meeting Jacki Marsh; the generous and kind-hearted owner of Rabbask Designs Studio located in downtown Loveland.


Without blinking an eye, Jacki agreed to carry Nick’s book in her beautiful studio. While we were visiting, we witnessed Jacki helping customers who were interested in buying some of her beautiful wearable art. She was patient, supportive, and thoughtful when assisting individuals as they sought to choose the perfect item.

Jacki is a vibrant woman who creates a community within her studio, organizing fundraisers and music nights, which she spends several hours moving displays to host.


As we walked around, Nick was able to find several unique and beautiful Christmas gifts. Jacki commented on every item we picked up, explaining the origin and the artists who created it. She truly is an awesome individual with an amazing place to share. We highly recommend going to check out Rabbask Design Studios!…you can pick up a copy of Helping in Action while you are there!


Olivia tries on a hand knitted hat from Spotted Fever. This company raises very well taken care of sheep, and harvests their wool to make individual beautiful and stylish hats!


A Unique Show and Tell for School

HiA19_Nickhelps_txtA sample page of Helping in Action, an adventure based on Nick helping a baby lion in Africa, where he grew up.

Classroom visit by Nick Roussos

Classroom visit by Nick Roussos

Attention teachers and students!  Did you know that October is Disability Awareness month?  We invite you to schedule Nick come to your class and read his 40 page adventure, Helping in Action (using his communication device).  We would love to “help” Nick visit your classroom this fall.  He has something for all grade levels including:

  • Story Time, with Nick reading his children’s adventure story, Helping in Action.
  • Disability Awareness presentation we call Walk in My Shoes, including riding and pushing a wheelchair in an obstacle course, and trying a communication device to talk.
  • A motivational talk about not giving up called, Why Try.
  • Using respectful language in a presentation called Spread the Word to End the Word.
  • Partner with PTO organizations for a fundraiser, with a portion of the sales going to your school.

You may contact Nick via email at nick@totalspeed.com or call 970-342-8338, to schedule a visit.

See you soon,
Nick and his assistants Sue and Audrey


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