The Employment Struggles of People with Intellectual and Developmental Delays


Julian Wang, president of Arc of Larimer County

I am lucky because my dad has a safari company in Africa. I do not have to worry about money. I always have what I need.

My friend works two jobs and does not make enough money to live. He is a good guy. It is not fair!

We need to make change by:

  1. Building Awareness
  2. Changing the Rules
  3. Providing Opportunities for people with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities!

Check out this video by The Arc of Larimer County…pioneers in making change in our community!

Everybody Works- The Arc of Larimer County



Julian Wang is an Awesome Advocate for everyone in the community!

Respect In Action – the Drawing Contest

Respect In Action Contest DrawingPic

The Drawing Contest is now live on the Awesome In Action Facebook page.  Check it out!

frontcover - June 19, 2014 for promotion purposes from CS

A winner in each of the age categories will get a copy of Helping In Action for their personal or school library.

AIA hat

Second place winners will receive an AiA baseball cap.


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