Hurry – SomeBunny Sale!


Helping in Action title page Some-Bunny You Know Needs Helping in Action

Some-Bunny you know needs Helping in Action in their Easter basket. 

Only 9 days until Easter!  When you buy more than one copy of the unique children’s book, Helping in Action, we will give you a $1.00 discount on each book.

Offer applies only on purchases direct from Nick. Email him right away to take advantage of this special offer:

Awesome in Action Home
Nick’s book is an action adventure for beginning readers, Helping in Action.  The book introduces children to Nick and his family and tells of their exciting life in Africa, inspiring kids to believe that everyone can be a hero.

Picture by SugarMill Photography

Dr. Positivity- A Powerful New Awesome Advocate

   Harris Jenson, M.D.  outside of his Ft. Collins practice

Dr. Jensen is truly an Awesome Advocate. Without even meeting Nick, this kind man invited him to speak to over 100 cub scouts in his troop! In addition, he has written both a blog post and a review on read here for Nick and his book, Helping in Action. What a way to make Nick smile!

Dr. Jensen does not stop at just making Nick smile, however. His blog, Good Day Journal:

offers readers positive messages, free downloads of music and books, and inspiring articles and advice. He also has written several books empowering people to use strategies that will help them overcome many of life’s obstacles.

Dr. Jenson, a Fort Collins based Psychiatrist and owner of his own practice, treats patients with varying psychological diagnoses; including depression, bi-polar, and anxiety. He specializes in using a Holistic approach; treating the whole body, mind, and spirit, rather than treating an ailment as an independent factor in a patient’s life.

We are so pleased to have met Dr. Jenson, and are excited to present to his cub scout troop this summer! Thank you, Dr. Jenson, for being such an Awesome Advocate!!


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