Commission on Disability 2014 Awards, Fort Collins

Nick holding nomination certificate, with old friend Josh from Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Nick holding nomination certificate, with old friend Josh from Bethesda Lutheran Communities, and Sarah

Nick was honored yesterday at a luncheon as a nominee for 2014 Mayor’s Awards, City of Fort Collins Commission on Disability.  We are proud to mention the Award Winners for 2014 here.

Thank you Fort Collins for supporting and recognizing the Commission on Disability and all those who serve.

Sue Kittel and Nick Roussos

Why Try?

Try Kayaking

Try Snowskiing

Try Snowskiing

Work at something you love

Try writing a book or poem

  • Have you ever asked yourself, “why try”?
  • When something is new are you sometimes afraid to try?
  • Does it seem like everyone except you is working or doing fun things?

Life is full of roadblocks; for everyone, not just people in a wheelchair like me. So, what if I chose to just sit the sidelines and watch other people being and doing.  It would be pretty boring right?

There is a new normal in town and it includes people of all abilities working, participating in sports and volunteering in the community.

To change our circumstances WE need to change.  We need to be willing to come outside our safety net and try something new!

Here are some things to ponder:

  • Stop doing the same things expecting different results.
  • Try it you’ll like it!
  • Change yourself by thinking: I CAN!

What do you have to lose? If you know what you want, will make a plan, and then be willing to TRY, you will be amazed with the wonderful things that can happen. Not trying can be our biggest hurdle.

Nick Roussos with Sue Kittel


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