Why I Love Brothers

Today is Brothers and Sisters Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the love between siblings. Here are some reasons that I love my brother, Jason Roussos.

♥   Jason is always willing to help me out. Whether it is carrying me through the African bush, or transferring me onto the couch to relax together.

♥  Jason is funny! He always makes me laugh with voices and props!

♥  Jason is always up for an adventure. We love to go on roller coasters together!

I love you, Jason! thank you for being an awesome brother!

Hurry – SomeBunny Sale!


Helping in Action title page Some-Bunny You Know Needs Helping in Action

Some-Bunny you know needs Helping in Action in their Easter basket. 

Only 9 days until Easter!  When you buy more than one copy of the unique children’s book, Helping in Action, we will give you a $1.00 discount on each book.

Offer applies only on purchases direct from Nick. Email him right away to take advantage of this special offer:  nick@totalspeed.com

Awesome in Action Home
Nick’s book is an action adventure for beginning readers, Helping in Action.  The book introduces children to Nick and his family and tells of their exciting life in Africa, inspiring kids to believe that everyone can be a hero.

Picture by SugarMill Photography


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