An Awesome Experience at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School


Awesome in Action had a fun day at Polaris Expeditionary School with the Elementary grades during their Wednesday afternoon assembly last week!


I loved watching the kids sing at the end of the assembly! 

The students at Polaris were extremely respectful and did a great job participating in our Why Try? Assembly as Nick helped kids learn how to stay positive and reach for all of their goals!


Silly Faces with the Elementary School at Polaris!







We had a great Question and Answer session after the assembly with full participation from all the grade  levels, and great respect to each other and to their presenters!





Laughing and singing along!

The team at Awesome in Action is so excited to make a connection with an amazing charter school in Fort Collins!

Checkin in with My Awesome Tribe – Repost

Checkin in with My Awesome Tribe – Repost