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Project One Provides More Than Just Home Repair

Saturday, May 6th, was an eventful day at the office of Awesome in Action! Not only was Project One, a community service offering free home repair through Crossroads Church, fixing up screens and steps, but also, a whole team of kids was helping to review and reflect on Nick’s newest book!

Awesome in Action could not have asked for a more thorough and friendly group of children, aged 9 mos to 14 yrs.




Jolee, 14 yrs, holds youngest critic, Kellan, 9 mos as they read through Nick’s 2nd book!















The kids all read through the book, answered questions about the story line, and voted on a title choice for the new adventure.


IMGP4456 - Copy (2)

Ellory, 11, came up with a fabulous impression of an ostrich that all the kids had to try!

IMGP4459 - Copy (2)

Parker, 7 yrs, laughed at a funny Ostrich story that Nick’s mom told!




IMGP4448 - Copy (2)

Kira, 12, balanced her contributions to the house with a book review!






IMGP4462 - Copy (2)








IMGP4455 - Copy (2)

Lexi, 8, sat with Nick and read Helping in Action!


























IMGP4470 - Copy (2)

Jase, 9, was happy to be helping with Project One, and Nick’s new book!

















After reading, the kids sat with Nick’s mom, Susan, and heard stories about real African animals!

IMGP4454 - Copy (2)



IMGP4469 - Copy (2)

Oh no, Parker, Ostrich Fail!

IMGP4464 - Copy (2)

Ostrich impersonators




Cutting new steps








While the kids were busy impersonated ostriches, the adults worked hard to finish their projects!








Nick is happy to have a fixed up place, and more importantly,

IMGP4478 - Copy (2)

Enter a caption

To have met some great new friends!! Nick Ellory, Parker

Thank you, Project One, volunteers, for the generous donation of your time and labor! Awesome in Action celebrates you for your dedication and community service!

It’s NOT a Box! An evening with Thompson Schools and the Early Childhood Programs

Jimg_4014smudy Tessier and her teaching gurus at Monroe Early Childhood Center passed the word along that ALL the early childhood centers in the Thompson School District were going to have a literacy night at the Conrad Ball Middle School cafeteria.  She asked if Nick and the AiA team would like to experience it.

BookCoverpageThe theme would center around Antoinette Portis’ lovely book, Not a Box. The story involves a very creative young rabbit and the use of a cardboard box to make the most amazing experiences; driving cars, flying in space rockets, dousing fires, experimenting with robotics, and climbing Mt Everest!  Most importantly, no naysayer could sway the young rabbit’s belief in what he/she was doing.

Nick read the story for the first time and decided he and the team should attend the event in ….. you guessed it, a BOX!

Nick donned blue bunny ears and the antics were on, but not before  Judy met us at the Monroe Early Childhood Center Pirate Ship and offered Nick an eye patch and a pirate hat crafted by the scallywag deck hands.


Nick shared his spoils with all the kids!

There were boxes and games all over the cafeteria!  What a fabulous literacy event for the children of Loveland.   For more information on Thompson’s Early Childhood Education, click here.

EnIMG_0708smroll your children in an experience of a young lifetime, bunny ears, boxes and all!