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Nick and the AiA team had the great pleasure of schmoozing with some of Northern Colorado’s most creative costumers and fans.  The creativity was boundless and the costumes came from the creative genius of the maker rather than a store rack.

Some were scary, some were funny, some were creative, colorful, inventive, creepy, energetic, furry, devoted, awesome……. but the determination is up to YOU as to which was the best!  VOTE- Visit the AiA Facebook page and register your vote by “loving” your favorite costume.  Then register your second favorite by “liking” the costume.  Here’s a peak at the gallery of costumes to prepare for your Facebook vote [click on the Facebook icon at the top of the menu bar when ready]:



Even security guard Jason got in the fun dressed as… guess it….a Comic Con security guard!!IMGP7938

Navigate up to the Facebook icon there at the top of the page above the menu bar, and take a minute to cast your “LOVE” and “LIKE” votes for the costumes you find the most amazing and second most amazing!!!!

Judy Tessier- Awesome Advocate

When asked to describe teacher Judy Tessier, Nick hikes his arm up to his speech device and begins typing words like:  “Funny, like, teacher, funny, makes laugh, fun.”  This is how Nick begins to formulate his raw thoughts as he reflects upon his time working with Judy.

Nick has been so fortunate to meet and watch this dynamic community educator in action.  Loveland’s young children are extremely fortunate to have Judy and her cohorts as public educators here.

Judy has worked the last two years at the Monroe Early Childhood center.  Judy’s work with children includes teaching both Gifted & Talented groups, as well as Special Education classes.

A 30-year veteran educator (BA-Art Education), Judy taught in Massachusetts until a couple of years ago, and is the person responsible for all of Nick’s crazy costume moments during her literacy events with the Center over the last couple of years!

Judy has been married 31 years, has two grown children and one grandchild, and has lived the last 10 years in Colorado.

What a creative, fun, funny and Awesome Advocate for all children in Colorado!


Judy Tessier making Nick laugh at a Literacy event