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Kindergartners Explore their Inner Hero

Is there a better way to spend the afternoon than helping kindergartners create alter-egos?

Nick with volunteers

Team Awesome in Action doesn’t think so!

Nick, Lead Cool Guy of Awesome in Action, took job coach, Audrey, and Awesome Volunteers; Alex, Thalia, and Olivia on a great adventure to T.R. Paul Academy of Arts and Knowledge. There, we visited his old stomping grounds and some of his favorite teachers in their new location!

Nick with Amy Jenes



Great and knowledgeable kindergarten teacher, Amy Jenes, invited the team to her classroom to share a presentation with all of the TPAAK kinders.







The students learned about how Nick found his inner strengths, and then used that knowledge to find their own “super powers” to create a new team of Kinder super heroes!




Many super heroes were created that day, including Rainbow Girl, Basketball Boy, and Racer X!




 The kids even helped Nick create and try on a mask… Look at those super helpers! 

Nick and Brodie


Nick had a great time with his friend, Brodie, who was part of the kindergarten class!

We hope we helped all these wonderful kids understand how great they truly are, and to use their strengths proudly as they continue to grow and learn!

Until next time, fellow super heroes….remember what Michelangelo says:

michelangelo“Wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.”





Nick and the AiA team had the great pleasure of schmoozing with some of Northern Colorado’s most creative costumers and fans.  The creativity was boundless and the costumes came from the creative genius of the maker rather than a store rack.

Some were scary, some were funny, some were creative, colorful, inventive, creepy, energetic, furry, devoted, awesome……. but the determination is up to YOU as to which was the best!  VOTE- Visit the AiA Facebook page and register your vote by “loving” your favorite costume.  Then register your second favorite by “liking” the costume.  Here’s a peak at the gallery of costumes to prepare for your Facebook vote [click on the Facebook icon at the top of the menu bar when ready]:



Even security guard Jason got in the fun dressed as… guess it….a Comic Con security guard!!IMGP7938

Navigate up to the Facebook icon there at the top of the page above the menu bar, and take a minute to cast your “LOVE” and “LIKE” votes for the costumes you find the most amazing and second most amazing!!!!