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Nick and the AiA team had the great pleasure of schmoozing with some of Northern Colorado’s most creative costumers and fans.  The creativity was boundless and the costumes came from the creative genius of the maker rather than a store rack.

Some were scary, some were funny, some were creative, colorful, inventive, creepy, energetic, furry, devoted, awesome……. but the determination is up to YOU as to which was the best!  VOTE- Visit the AiA Facebook page and register your vote by “loving” your favorite costume.  Then register your second favorite by “liking” the costume.  Here’s a peak at the gallery of costumes to prepare for your Facebook vote [click on the Facebook icon at the top of the menu bar when ready]:



Even security guard Jason got in the fun dressed as… guess it….a Comic Con security guard!!IMGP7938

Navigate up to the Facebook icon there at the top of the page above the menu bar, and take a minute to cast your “LOVE” and “LIKE” votes for the costumes you find the most amazing and second most amazing!!!!

Shelly Fletcher-An Awesome new Advocate and Friend

Shelly Fletcher and her kids, Owen and Landis, first met Nick and job coach, Audrey, at one of their mutual favorite places in town– the Loveland Public Library.  As Nick and her spunky 8-year-old, Landis, hit it off in their first encounter, Shelly had the sense that this was a connection that was “meant to be.”


  In her own childhood, Shelly’s sisters and mother played a tremendous role in sensitizing her heart to people from all walks of life(Among the 4 girls in her family, 3  are working within special needs services, and 1 is an elementary school counselor) , and she’s been touched that Landis has also shown a unique sensitivity to people with disabilities.


Out of gratitude for her own upbringing, and a desire to provide other children with similar influences, Shelly is eager to partner with Nick and his team to make connections with local preschools, elementary schools, and churches– knowing Nick is bound to touch others’ lives. Shelly has already organized one presentation at a local Preschool in Loveland, and has several other ideas in the works.


IMGP3913 - Copy

Shelly has been working as an Early Intervention Specialist for nearly 20 years, and just recently started working part-time for Thompson School District, providing home visits in conjunction with their Head Start program.  She is passionate about exposing her own children and other youth to the world beyond their doorstop, and is grateful that she has found an avenue to do so through Big Thompson Elementary’s Global Connections Club and Greeley’s Soccer Without Borders program (serving area immigrants and refugees).


Big Thompson Elementary


Shelly loves seeing the unique connection that takes place between Nick, Audrey, and whomever they encounter– whether on an outing in the community, through a spontaneous encounter, or a presentation to groups.  Nick’s smile, humor, and love of people break down communication limitations; add to that a touch of mischief, and there’s a magnetic connection between Nick and her son Landis!

Much as a “cultural guide” helps to bridge cultural differences, Shelly also greatly appreciates Audrey’s amazing gifting in linking everyone together in conversation.   What a divinely-inspired connection!


We are so happy to recognize Shelly Fletcher as the next Awesome Advocate! Her giving nature, and sense of providing everyone with an enlightened view of the world, has helped Nick and his team greatly. Coupled with her sweet family, Shelly is a force of love and devotion that is difficult to ignore!